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Supervisor Rules to Include Business Hours Only

We have a few supervisor rules that do not work the way we wish they would. All we are looking for is a check on the BHRS (business hours) vs. hours the requesters are not in the office.

ie. A resolved ticket should be able to sit for a full 2 business days (not calendar days) before it is closed.

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Yes please this would help us as well as currently a "pending user" ticket sits with the user for 3 days, but this includes the weekend and we don't want users to receive these unless they are in the office.

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I totally agree to this. It should be a standard feature. They already have business hours so they simply need to give this option when setting up a supervisor rule.

We can't be expected to manually go through each ticket and send canned responses.

Yes, it does not make sense for a user to receive notifications on weekends, if both the SLA and the business hours schedule go from Monday to Friday.

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Agree, I am really amazed that no one at FreshService have thought about that when introducing business hours...

Same here I have rules that send reminders and auto close tickets after 48 hours, but running into problems because tickets are getting closed on the weekend.

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This should be a standard feature

We would like this feature as well

Agreed, I have held off on sending email notifications about pending tickets to requesters for this fact alone. 

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