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Calendar Enhancements - PTO/Office Visit

Hello, I would like to see a couple of enhancements to the built in Calendar. We used to use Service Desk by Manage Engine, and within their Calendar a technician could add whether they were on PTO or an office visit. Plus, this was an easy way to track when people weren't in the office and our Director of IT could easily pull this information. So, if possible I would like to see a menu or an option to choose in the calendar for PTO/Office Visit.

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@Bryan, I too have used SDP by Manage Engine and add my voice to this call. However, the way that SDP implemented the calendar was backward. Instead of designating who the person to respond to issues was, it required that we set everyone as unavailable.  This became extremely problematic when considering on-call scenarios. It would be useful to allow the admin to determine the methodology is an "on call" agent or group distribution.

I'd like to add to this in saying that integration that included service staff out of office with calendar integration would make a lot of sense elsewhere too (such as SLAs) - being able to import a holiday list for your organization as opposed to manually inserting holidays that shift dates each year would be fantastic.

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