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Release notes - 16 November 2018

Bug Fixes:

  • Department/Company: The URL Field of the department/company was not hyperlinked. This has been fixed. 

  • Notification: Bell notifications showed invalid date in Firefox and Safari. This has been fixed. 

  • Requester/Contacts: Create/Edit Requesters is renamed back to edit requesters.

  • Quick View Requester Assets App: The Quick View Requester Assets app showed a blank for accounts with a CNAME. This has been fixed.

  • Problem: When attaching a solution or workaround to a problem, the display of the problem removed certain formatting which impacted the readability of the solution. This has been fixed. 

  • Quickbooks Integration: Quickbooks widget did not load in time entry widget earlier which has been fixed now. 

  • Custom Mailbox: Any reply sent to a private note was incorrectly added as a public note. This has been fixed.

The Quick View Requester Assets App still isn't working correctly for us. we have a custom CNAME and although it does now show the assets again clicking the asset redirects to our SSO page for login and then redirect to the dashboard upon login. 

Craig, Looks like we posted the update about the Quick View Requester Assets App a bit too soon. The bug has been fixed but the app will be updated only later today. I'll confirm once the app updated is rolled out for all customers. 

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