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Shopping Cart for Service Catalog


is it possible to implement a shopping cart for the service catalog feature? In the future our workers should order their equipment (laptop, softshell jacket, etc.) via the service catalog.

Unfortunately in the current version our workers have to select every item single handedly and request it.

Also there is no option for multiple prices for a specific item. E.g. if our worker wants to order 5 jackets for his team, he needs 3x size M jackets, 1x size L jacket and 1x size XL jacket. This should be configurable for a service article.

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Yep. Agree fully with this. When a new staff member starts it sure would be nice to be able to order all the gear in one form, tally the total up, and ask for a cost center to charge the purchase to.

Thinking about this a bit more it could be possible using Child Tickets and will try that out. The only issue with child tickets is that they show up on the Service Catalog and, typically, they do not contain enough information in them to be a ticket in their own right. If they did then the user would have to type their details in again and again.

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