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Ability to lock fields on a Change Request

Many times it happens, that as a Change Manager you do not want your agents to change any implementation details, once the request for change has been approved by CAB.

We recently launched ability to control the lifecycle of a change request. And, as a follow up to that, we are building a new capability which will enable Change Managers to control which fields on a change request are editable and when(based on status).

This gives change managers immense control and peace of mind over all the change request, as they will be able to define exactly what fields cannot be modified under which statuses. So, if you want your agents to not change "Planned end date" once change planning is complete, you can just go ahead and lock that field alone in the change lifecycle for all status after planning. Or you can lock any other fields, as your process requires.

Good news is, that this works for all kinds of fields, default or custom and planning section fields too. And, since this is built on top of Change Lifecycle, its completely customisable to support any Change Process your organisation may follow.

This is dropping in Nov 2018 in your freshservice accounts and here is a quick glimpse:

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