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Customisable Agent Dashboard

We are happy to announce, that we are working on a new agent dashboard for Freshservice.

The new dashboard will let agents monitor their work live on the dashboard, and the best part is - It's completely customisable.

Agents can setup their own dashboard, as per the kind of tickets, tasks, changes they handle based on any supported filter and monitor them live, and always stay on top of their game. Along, with this we are also making slight tweaks to the related features like Announcements, Activity feed and more

This should start showing up on your Freshservice instance in Dec-early Jan timeframe, and here is a quick glimpse of the same.

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and again, no update on this in 3 weeks time from anyone at Fresh.

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May we also be added to the beta for this? our instance is


Would it be possible to join the beta for this?

Patiently waiting for this feature to be implemented. I think customizable dashboard is long overdue.

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When is it going live?

how can I get invited to be part of the beta/testing group?

very exited for this feature.

can you share more documentation/details about it?

please add me to beta/testing group.

when is this feature going out?

Can we get more details/documentation about feature?


Please can you add to the beta or let me know when this is being released?

Just wanted to chime in that I am excited to see some of these changes coming to the dashboard. The current dashboard is completely skipped by most people that use it here - they go straight to their ticket view.

Right now the customization screenshots looks very ticket oriented as well. With the customization, I hope that we will be able to surface project tasks, changes, and problems as well. 

The dashboard should be "All My FreshService Stuff" so that agents do not have to click through their Projects, Problems, etc. separately just to see what they have going on.



I would like to participate in the beta for this new dashboard as well. Please advise how to proceed. Any updates on when this feature will go live? 

Will it be possible to set up dashboard templates or will each agent have a free-form dashboard?

Is it possible to still have access to the beta instance to see this?

Would really like to see an update on this more recent than 2 months!

Hi Jake

The rollout is starting this week. Depending on which plan you are on, you will get this feature in next 1-4 weeks

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Also looking forward to this rollout


Why have an article up on March 7th that this feature is live? I was just informed by an agent that this is rolling out over the next few months. This article describes a feature that is available now to all:

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I cannot wait for this to hit our instance.
It's been a long time coming.


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