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Customisable Agent Dashboard

We are happy to announce, that we are working on a new agent dashboard for Freshservice.

The new dashboard will let agents monitor their work live on the dashboard, and the best part is - It's completely customisable.

Agents can setup their own dashboard, as per the kind of tickets, tasks, changes they handle based on any supported filter and monitor them live, and always stay on top of their game. Along, with this we are also making slight tweaks to the related features like Announcements, Activity feed and more

This should start showing up on your Freshservice instance in Dec-early Jan timeframe, and here is a quick glimpse of the same.

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hi Rishul

Can we please get the new dashboard enabled on our live instance -



@Rishul Raj Aggarwal can you please make our instance live for this dashboard change.

Also is there a way to put Recent Activities down below the widget instead of having to clicking the menu to bring up the list ? like it use to be.

@Rishul Raj Aggarwal 

Could you please send the invite again, the code expired because mail got stuck in our spam folder. 

I would love to take a look at this too if you are still needing testers?

Please send me the invitation too.

Where are we with this update .... We want...

could you please activate this option in our test instance? so we can test it with our own test data?

Thanks for the feedback. Let me answer a couple of questions raised earlier

When selecting the views, will this include custom views that have been created by the agents 

- Yes

Missing Task Widget, Agent Availability view. Will they be integrated somewhere ?

- Tasks can be navigated to with the tasks icons on the top bar(near notifications)

- Also, tasks will be supported in Score card widgets, so that agents can monitor their tasks in real time

During the beta, will it be possible to switch between old and new dashboard ?

- No

Is there a different dashboard, widgets and options for agents having wider roles (for supervisor or administrator) ?

- Every agent will have a personalised dashboard. So, a supervisor or an administrator can customise the dashboard to their own needs. Also, in some widgets(like resolution SLA, response time SLA), there will be few additional filters like group, for supervisors and admin. These widgets are still under development and will land on accounts with Analytics feature

Are there plans to bring back the "My Tasks" section that currently sits on the right side of the dashboard?

- Agents will be able to monitor the tasks assigned to them via a soon to be released update to score card widget

Way to put Recent Activities down below the widget instead of having to clicking the menu to bring up the list

- No

@Peter: you can head to the login page and perform a forgot password

@Thom, @Barret: I had sent you the invitation last Friday.

Quick info on enabling in your live accounts:

We got delayed with our beta release due to some performance issues. We are still fixing these issues, and hope to ship those by next week. Post which we will enable the feature in your live accounts.

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Also, we have added a pie chart widget, here is a sneak peek

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I would love to join any testing program if available

Looks great, we definitely something we required for our supervisors as it allows for an easy quick glance without having to run reports.

Not to go off track but..
As part of the new release, will you also be improving the ticket views? I believe it was mentioned (maybe Peter?) in regards to the amount of wasted space in ticket view lists. I recall someone mentioning a new release that will incorporate a  more tabular view for tickets?.. At the moment there is a whole empty white space area in the middle of our list views. The option of a table view would be so much more of an improvement, maybe customisable colums etc?.. ie As of current, the ticket view doesn't show the tickets department/company name... which is annoying when you're an MSP working with many companies.

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is there anyone who has joined the beta with their fresh instance? i requested this 8 days ago but again, total radio silence from the fresh team.

Please can we be added to this "bovishomes.freshservice" - Or when will it be released to all? Really need the feature of viewing reports from the dashboard

Hey Team, whats the latest ETA on this release? If it is still some time off I'd love o be added to the Beta. 


Any Update on this folks?? We are still excited to see this feature !!

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