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Customisable Agent Dashboard

We are happy to announce, that we are working on a new agent dashboard for Freshservice.

The new dashboard will let agents monitor their work live on the dashboard, and the best part is - It's completely customisable.

Agents can setup their own dashboard, as per the kind of tickets, tasks, changes they handle based on any supported filter and monitor them live, and always stay on top of their game. Along, with this we are also making slight tweaks to the related features like Announcements, Activity feed and more

This should start showing up on your Freshservice instance in Dec-early Jan timeframe, and here is a quick glimpse of the same.

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We have not heard from your team but are still interesting in testing

I would like to beta test too!

I'm also interested in being a beta tester. Thank you!

Still no word on testing this ?

If still seeking beta testers, we would be interested!

Any update from this, still no Beta, still no contact with anyone from the development team. 

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the same for me. In itself it is not a problem but it is better not to propose it to us in test :)

Simon, unfortunately when they said "Dec - early Jan Timeframe", they probably meant Dec 2019, early Jan 2020... 

Hi all

I have added everyone as agents onto our beta instance.

You must have received an email like this:

There is an activation link in the above email. Activate and sign in using the above link, and you will land up in the new dashboard.

You can play around with the dashboard, and once you are ready and want it to be present in your live account, just let us know...we will enable it in your live account. Do keep in mind, that once we provide the feature in live account, all agents in that account will have access to the new dashboard only, without any means to go back to the previous one.

Also, sorry for the delay on this. We uncovered some issues, due to which we slowed down the beta rollout. Those issues will be fixed by next week. And, thanks for the patience  

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When selecting the views, will this include custom views that have been created by the agents ?

Looks good for a basic dashboard. I'm just going to bite the bullet and request that you make this live in my account, do you need me to email in a ticket to enable this ?



I'm presuming performance trends, as shown on your original post are coming down the line ?


Looks nice. 


  1. Missing Task Widget, Agent Availability view. Will they be integrated somewhere ?
  2. During the beta, will it be possible to switch between old and new dashboard ?

Please could you enable on following instances :,




Looks nice for agents.


  1. Will missing features as Task Widget be integrated ?
  2. Is there a different dashboard, widgets and options for agents having wider roles (for supervisor or administrator) ?
  3. Is there a possibility to switch from old dashboard and new dashboard ? 
  4. Please could you enable on following instances :,



Hi Rishul,

This looks great! Can you enable it within my live instance?

Thanks again!



Hi Rishul,

Are there plans to bring back the "My Tasks" section that currently sits on the right side of the dashboard?  Our agents like to have the list of tasks available without needing to click over to a new window.  An alternative would be to have the Tasks button in the new dashboard at the top of the screen drop down similar to the Notifications icon. 


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