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Customer Satisfaction Survey Enhancements

With this update, administrators can now configure multiple option choices for the Customer Satisfaction surveys, going beyond the current limitation of 3 choices. The number of option choices can range from two to five.

Administrators can also configure the post-survey experience of the requesters filling out the survey. Administrators can now

 1. Configure the feedback question and response text

 2. Specify when to solicit additional feedback from the requesters

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When will this be available? I don't see any change in ours, however you state "can now" which would imply that it is implemented.

Hi there,

Is this CSAT enhancement already released on Freshservice instances ?




Hello Lea and Stefan,

This is currently planned for implementation. This should be available in Freshservice in Q1 2019. I'll keep you posted on this thread.



Ok thanks. 

From your initial post, we understood that the feature is already available.

Have a nice day. 


Hi folks,

A feature I'd really appreciate within this would be an option for the end user to report on time lost in relation to the ticket raised :)

Also happy to Beta test if the option is available :)

That's great, Craig! I'll make sure to reach out to you when we open it up for Beta.

please add me in to the beta group as well (test and production)

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Any updates this or concepts screens you can share folks?

This is a big win for me as really want to be able to get more customer feedback in place.

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