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Add a Phone Channel to your helpdesk with Freshcaller integration

Usually, business users call up the IT helpdesk to either look for help or check the status on an existing issue they reported. The problems that follow are: 

  1. If the call is regarding an existing ticket, agents have to first ask who the caller is and then navigate via clicks and searches to get to the ticket that the user is talking about. While the user on the other end goes  ‘umm.. Did you find the ticket yet?’ 

  2. If the call is to report an issue, then the agent has to get the name and email of the requester. Make him spell it. All the best if it’s going to be Schwarzneg… phew! 

  3. You just stepped out to the water cooler (gotta #keepITfit), you hear the phone ring and when you are just about to pick the caller is out of patience and probably hangs up. That’s a +1 frustrated business user, which will reflect in a future CSAT survey. 

To help you with these, we bring you the integration of Freshcaller (from the stables of Freshworks) with Freshservice. You can do the following: 

1. The recent tickets raised by the caller are listed in the pane so agents can get context on existing tickets.

2. Agents can fill the necessary fields and create a new ticket while on a  call. Once the call ends, the recording is added as a note to the  ticket.

3. Voicemails can be converted into a ticket.

4. You can customize the greeting message, configure call routing and set up an IVR.

Check out the Freshcaller website to understand its capabilities. 

Hi, I'm just wondering if you have a timeline on when you expect this to be implemented?

Hi Anders

This is already available as private beta now. We can enable it for your account in a day's time, if you wish. This will be pushed to all the accounts by next week. 

Please let me know if you want us to activate this for your account. 



Hello - We'd like to start using this as well.  We don't see "Phone" as an available channel in our admin view of FreshService.  We're on the Garden plan - what do I need to do to enable the Phone channel so we can start using FreshCaller to generate tickets in FreshService?  


This will be available to all users in a week's time. 



This is available to all users. 

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