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Release Notes - 30 October 2018


  • Editing the description and requester details of Problem, Change and Release is now simpler. The dedicated edit page have been deprecated and agents agents will be able to quickly edit the requester details from the view page itself.

  • V2 APIs for Requesters is now available. You can perform Create, View, Update and Delete operations on Requesters using the APIs. More info here.

Bug Fixes:

  • Reports: The fields added to the tabular column in custom reports did not maintain the order as per the previous save. This has been fixed.
  • Search: When a word with non-english characters were searched, the ‘View All’ click goes to not found.
  • Tickets - Associate Assets: The associate asset pop-up shows a did not display any data when performing multiple searches in the pop-up. This has been fixed.
  • Assets: Agents who did not have manage/delete permissions in assets were shown the checkboxes next to assets in the Trash list in the asset list page. This caused some confusion in agents as they couldn’t perform any operations after selecting the assets. This has been fixed.
  • Approval Delegation: In MSP Mode, requesters were able to delegate approvals to users in other companies. This has been fixed.
  • Solutions: In solution articles with large content such as tables with more than 10 columns, the content was not displayed properly for the requesters in the support portal. This has been fixed.
  • Admin -> Locations: The locations hierarchy UI was broken with locations being displayed under the wrong parent locations in some instances. This has been fixed.
  • Multiple Translation text fixes in Spanish, German and French translations across the product.
  • Roles: The roles pagination bar was not rendered properly when there are multiple custom roles. This has been fixed. 


Platform Updates: 

New Apps:

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