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Set Default Department/Company if Contact associated to multiple Departments/Companies

We have several Contacts/Requesters in Freshservice that are associated with multiple Departments/Companies.

When one of these Contacts/Requesters email into us, the email is automatically associated with the first company in the list of associated companies. This is inaccurate and causes confusion with both the customer and our agents.

To resolve this issue, it would be nice to be able to set a "default" department/company for contacts. This would allow the default company to automatically be selected when:

- a contact emails us

- a contact is creating a ticket in the customer portal

- an agent is creating a ticket in the agent portal

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We also have requesters that work for different departments, if we add the department field to the ticket form it does not default to a department, meaning the requester has to select a department. If we do not have the department on the ticket form, the ticket is created with a department, but when the requester belongs to multiple departments, which department gets added to the ticket?

While this is OK we are trying to keep the ticket form simple and quick to use. 

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