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Change Sort Order of Saved Views

We currently have 12 different views that we use for our agents to be able to easily see their tickets or groupings of certain tickets.

If a new View is created, it's displayed at the top of the View list. We like to keep our Views organized so they're easy to find for our agents. However, if a new View is created that should be positioned in a certain place, I have to delete a bunch of Views and then add them again them just to get the newly created View in the position I want.

As you can guess, this is far from ideal.

Having the ability to sort and rearrange custom Views would help alleviate this issue.

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I can't agree more with this request!!!

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Any idea if this will ever be implemented?  At the minimum, it should be default sorted by Name, not Date Created,   The drop-down menu for Views looks terrible in our instance and it is makes training new agents harder and confusing given we can not sort the View list

Also, I wish there was a way to assign a default view for all agents that was not "New and My Open"  the way our organization and ticket flow works this view is more or less useless for us but since it is a "default" view we can not edit or remove it.  That is frustrating

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I fully agree with and support this feature request!

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Any update from FreshService on this request?

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Agreed, I want to put my most commonly used custom view at the Top of my list

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+1 on this request!

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Wondering if there is any progress on this? Often we create a new view for our team and custom views/other useful views get pushed further down...

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Big miss... Please put this on the backlog

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I agree with this AND being able to set a default view or yourself so that you don't to continuously change it each time.  Different agents look at different things so it would be nice if they could have their preferred view defaulted for them.  

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