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Spotlight #1 - Chat and Collaborate Instantly with Team Huddle

If you’re wondering how your team collaborates with other departments and if the answer is “somehow” with a shrug, that’s not good enough. This is why Team Huddle is here. It ensures collaboration among agents without having to actually leave your helpdesk. 

Wanna know how? Let’s dive in...

How does team huddle aid agents in your firm?

  • With the discuss button /team huddle agents can swiftly chat and collaborate with other fellow agents by just @ mentioning the agent/team on the ticket page.
  • You can also highlight any part of the ticket to start a discussion.

  • You can check if agents are online/offline in your conversation.

Oh, and don’t worry, we make sure you’re notified in-app and via email every time when there’s a new message and when you’re tagged in a conversation.

Let’s take a look at a few scenarios where you can use Team Huddle.

Ask the Experts:

The IT service desk works on a multi-tier support hierarchy and in case there’s a bug fix Alex (L1 Agent) can’t resolve, he can immediately discuss it with James (L3 Agent) by just @ mentioning him in the conversation to find a workaround or get the issue resolved.

Hassle-free Onboarding:

Employee onboarding can be complicated especially since it plays second fiddle all too often to its predecessor. If there’s a slip-up where the new employee’s keycard doesn’t function and Maria (Agent) doesn’t know the SPOC, she can immediately tag (@mention) the facilities team. This way any agent from the facilities can pick it up and fix it right away.


Sometimes it’s hard for Jack (New IT agent) to get context on the ongoing ticket assigned to him. In that case, he can just click the discuss button above the highlighted word in the ticket and view the past conversation to get complete context of the situation.

Has reading this got you intrigued already? Then head right here to start a conversation on Team Huddle and try out the feature.

If you’ve already tried it, let us know what you think about it in the comments section. 

I see a small gap in this implementation. What happens when I start a chat with a SME that doesn't have access to view the ticket? They get the notification via email, but can't participate in the team huddle. How can I include a SME that doesn't have a view into the ticket?

Hi Will, 

Thank you for your feedback. 

We apologize for the inconvenience. We're aware of this limitation in the feature. We'll soon be working with the product team and come up with a solution for this in the near future. 



@Karthik - isn't that the intent of Freshconnect? Again, the disconnect between Freshservice and the rest of the Freshworks ecosystem rearing its head. Freshconnect is fully replacing Team Huddle over on Freshdesk - ironically this was announced (with a big Freshworks splash) before Mary even posted this here: promoting a feature on this platform that's been deprecated on another platform... smh.

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your feedback

We're still designing the Freshconnect - Freshservice integration, and we intend to roll it out in 2019. We're aware of the use cases that are currently not supported in Team Huddle, and we'll work towards addressing them with Freshconnect. Meanwhile, we'll continue to actively support Team Huddle for collaboration in Freshservice until the Freshconnect integration is available.

Please note that Freshconnect support is being incrementally rolled out to all Freshworks products, and Freshdesk and Freshsales are the first two products in the sequence. 

We hope to support more of our products in Freshconnect soon.


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