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Service Request Details through the API

First, I can connect to the API and that works great.  I'm able to pull ticket details, but I'd like to use the information collected to execute some immediate remediation to an incident, or, as I'm trying to do now, use the data collected from the Service Catalog to automate a deployment.  

As I said, I'm able to query the API and get ticket details.  They come back as follows: 

cc_email              : @{cc_emails=System.Object[]; fwd_emails=System.Object[]; reply_cc=System.Object[]; tkt_cc=System.Object[]}
created_at            : 2018-10-10T14:38:22-05:00
deleted               : False
department_id_value   : 
display_id            : 12250
due_by                : 2018-10-11T14:38:22-05:00
email_config_id       : 
frDueBy               : 2018-10-11T13:38:22-05:00
fr_escalated          : False
group_id              : 
id                    : 3009609626
impact                : 1
isescalated           : False
notes                 : {}
owner_id              : 
priority              : 2
requester_id          : 3001021664
responder_id          : 
source                : 2
spam                  : False
status                : 2
subject               : Request for Aaron Ebertowski : ONBOARDING:  Create New Customer
ticket_type           : Service Request
to_email              : 
updated_at            : 2018-10-10T14:38:22-05:00
urgency               : 1
description           : 
description_html      : 
status_name           : Open
requester_status_name : Being Processed
priority_name         : Medium
source_name           : Portal
requester_name        : Aaron Ebertowski
responder_name        : No Agent
to_emails             : 
department_name       : IT Company
assoc_problem_id      : 
assoc_change_id       : 
assoc_change_cause_id : 
assoc_asset_id        : 
urgency_name          : Low
impact_name           : Low
attachments           : {}
custom_field          : 
tags                  : {@{name=Create New Customer}}

 So here's my conundrum:  I want the information collected from this service request.  It asks for two (2) fields.  I would like both so that I can unify them across our collection of tools.  

The Customer Name and Customer Identifier fields are pretty big deals for us.  If we can't pull that out of our ticketing system, then we have to ask what the purpose of that ticketing system is.


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