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API V2 Feedback

I've been trying to use the V2 API for data extraction, and wanted to provide some feedback. 

First, it's great that you've increased the ticket page count to 100 - it results in far fewer calls.

Problems/Frustrations I've had:

1) no time entry detail in V2, which I've mentioned in direct support ticket, but would like to reiterate that I feel this is an important feature considering how important time is. It's not enough to have integration with accounting software, as the direct time entry detail is important for operational reports and I'd rather be getting this directly from the system of record. Can I suggest that you add an API method to retrieve all time entries with their parent ticket id, with paging of 100 at a time, and a filter on created or updated date? The v1 API allowed requests for time entries if given a ticket ID, and this requires an API call per ticket, which was/is very inefficient. 

2) ticket lists return merged tickets (children) with no discernable way to identify them as children of a merged pair or identify their parent. Either would be helpful, but not being able to identify them as merged seems like an oversight. I'm getting this data to track closure rates by week or by agent, and I'm not interested in counting merged tickets separately from their parents. Can I suggest you add a property to the ticket object to identify the ticket as merged at the least, or a property containing the parent ticket id number to be populated only if the ticket is a child in a merged pair? Something to let me filter out the merged tickets. Alternatively, just providing an option in the ticket list method call to filter merged tickets so they don't even get included in the result set would be sufficient. 

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Thanks for sharing your feedback.

We rolled out API V2 for Ticket page hence we are not supporting Time entry module as of now. Saying that I would also like to state that we are working on enhancements for API V2 and we will have this enhanced in phases for other sections.

In API V2 we have enhanced to identify whether the Ticket has any association to find if it is a Parent/Child and also we would bring the Child/Parent Ticket ID. For merge of tickets since, its still considered as a Closed Ticket we do not have any parameter to identify if its a merged ticket. We are working on bringing more query/Filter options over to API V2 which should allow us to achieve tickets excluding the merged ones using Tags or so.

I will have the feedback passed on to the Engineering team and see if we can address it over future rollouts.

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