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Release Notes - 25 September 2018


  • The Agent list view (Admin -> Agents) has been revamped to make it easier to navigate the list.
  • Accounts which haven’t customized their login page will begin to see a new, redesigned login page. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where approval reminder notifications were not delivered for Service Requests and CAB Approvals.
  • Fixed an issue in Agent ticket summary report where an incorrect average first response time was shown for single date selections.
  • Fixed an issue in Time Sheet Reports where hyperlinks to Changes were redirected to Incidents with the same ID.

Its all very nice that the Agent page is renewed, but there are some big issues which are unacceptable.

1: when sorting agents on name, it sorts the users with an profile picture first and then the users without a profile picture:


2: when sorting on last active on date, it only sorts the page you are on. we have 85 agents (5 pages) and if i want to search for inactive accounts then i will have to sort all pages one at a time.

stuff like these kind of issues are really unacceptable for a product like Fresh that claim that they are an enterprise supporting.

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