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Time tracking for Project tasks

Agents working on Project tasks would now be able to track time against each of their tasks. This time entry can be a direct input to the financials of the project and also act as data for future project costing/estimation.

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We're super excited to see this on the roadmap.  This is a long overdue feature in our opinion and once enabled will increase Freshservice usage.  Thank you for working on this

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Hi Guys, we just shipped the Time Entries for Project tasks. Please do refer the solution article for more details. 

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When will we be able to report on entered time. having to have a project manager log in each each, go to each project one by one to see request an email of time tracked, wait for that to arrive, download the csv, convert it into whatever format is needed and then repeat over and over each day for each project isn't really useful. Why isn't that time accessible from the API's??? Thats a must have for project time tracking to be useful. Also.... it takes too many clicks to enter time. Right on each task/incident/change there should be a start timer/enter time option. Currently I think its something like scroll down. Click to expand time tracked, then click add time. Then in the new window that opens fill it out and hit submit. It should be a simple, start timer button on the top along with a stop timer. Possibly with an optional notes field 

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What Loren said - would love to see better reporting for projects - ideally a report that shows all projects (that could be filtered by active / complete / archived). And also a time sheet report for projects - the same that is available for tickets currently

Is time tracking for regular tasks on tickets in the roadmap. We need to be able to specify how long an engineer will be working on a task for a ticket so that we can resource plan.

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