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Support for Shared Assets

Some assets such as Printers, equipment in meeting rooms or common areas in your organization will be shared by all employees. However, when something goes wrong with these devices, requesters cannot attach these assets to a ticket as only the requesters' assets can be selected from the support portal. We are introducing an option to mark these common devices as "Shared". Doing so will make these devices selectable by all employees when they report an issue in Freshservice

With this feature, requesters can search for any asset in Freshservice and associate them while raising a ticket. For MSP, only the assets that belong to the same company as the requester can be searched and assigned to a ticket. (We have scrapped our plan to limit the searchable assets based on the company assigned to the portal based on feedback received from customers).

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Hey there, 

Do you have any information when this option will be released ?



Also important for us...

Hi Stefan, 

This still remains on our planned list. I'll share more details once we start work.



Hi Side,

Can you ensure this works in MSP mode as well (so that all assets under the same company is selectable only by users in that company)? I have a feature request open with support (#3329629) for reference.



Hi Ashraf,

Yes! We are considering the MSP requirements as well for this feature. Quick question, do you have multiple portals configured in your helpdesk? Right now, we plan to restrict the assets selectable by your customers based on the company of the portal they are accessing. 



Hi Sid,

Thanks for the response. At the moment, we only use 1 common portal for all customers, since we have a few dozen. It will be difficult for us to maintain separate portals.



Updated the original post with some changes in approach + screenshot.

Thanks, Ashraf. We'll keep that in mind as we build the feature. 

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Our instance is in MSP mode. We work close with and for another MSP that has a lot of customers. For us it is important when that MSP logs into our support portal, that he first can select his customer and then can selects the assset(-s) of that customer only. 

The present situation is that he can select all the assets.

This is something that would be of interest to us for Shared Printers and other shared equipment.  


It is also important what these customers can see in customer portal "ticket view" on the sidebar > Info about ticket.

If an agent associate an asset -- "Shared asset" > (shared asset is used by multiple users, customers, companies - e.g. main switch in DC, NETAPP Filer, ESX, Exchange server with Mail DBs, ... )  in incident ticket, customer/user/requester can see these assets in ticket details.

These to ticket associated assets are NOT assign to some user or company.  See screenshot below

From our side - we also wait for shared assets support. 




Any updates on when this will be made available?

Yes, Yes Yes!!!!!!

Folks, quick update. We have already moved the associate asset interaction on the support portal to the new UI. We'll ship the option to search and associate any asset in ~2 weeks.

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