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Edit / Revise contracts after approval

The contract management approval workflow does not allow changes or even minor modifications to the contract once it is approved. With this enhancement, the workflow will be modified to be more flexible to allow amendments to the contract after approval. 


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Hi, any update on an ETA for this one? :)

Hi Craig, We plan to start dev around mid November and make this available by end of year. I'll share more details closer to feature launch date.


This would be great to have, would make the contract management module a lot more manageable.  Are you still on track for release on this shortly?  

Hi Philip, Craig, 

The edit contracts feature will be available in the next 2-3 weeks. 

Here's what will change in contract management module once the feature is live:

  • Contracts can be edited irrespective of the contract status. This will enable contract managers to make minor edits or modifications throughout the lifecycle of the contract as needed. When editing contract, 
    • If a contract does not require any approval, the contract will be saved in Active state after every edit
    • If a contract requires approval, it will be moved to draft status upon editing. The approval workflows can be triggered again to transition the contract to active status. 

We are also changing Who can edit contracts in Draft status. Earlier, only agents who created a contract can edit a contract in draft or submit a contract for approval. Going forward, any agent who has Manage Contracts permissions can edit contracts in draft and submit them for approval as needed. 



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Hi Craig, Philip, 

The enhancement is now live and available for all customers. 

Please do check it out and let us know if you have any questions or feedback. 



Thank you :)

This is realy nice! 

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