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Error while executing App server script! - Cannot find module


I am trying to create a serverless app that communicates with our system using our API.

The error I am getting after uploading and installing the custom app is:

  "message":"Error while executing App server script! - Cannot find module './developer/node_modules/http'",

Dependencies in my manifest file look like this:

"dependencies": {
  "ntlm": "0.1.3",
  "request": "2.88.0",
  "http": "0.0.0"

I am using request to make the actual request and ntlm for authentication. I also tried to add http here but that does not seem to solve my issue.

As for my code:

  1. I am using require as follows:
    const ntlm = require('ntlm');
    const http = require('http');
    const request = require('request');

    Again I tried to add http here, but I was getting the error without this line as well.

  2. I am using an http agent as this was the only way I was able to make the ntlm authentication work.
    let ntlmrequest = request.defaults({
    	agent: request.http.Agent({
    		keepAlive: true,
    		maxSockets: 1,
    		keepAliveMsecs: 3000,
  3. My app exports 2 functions which I then invoke in the frontend part of my app after app.initialized() function. The first function is a bit more complicated, but the other one is really simple:
    test: args => renderData(null, args)
     yet still returns the same error.

I am using "Bash on Ubuntu on Windows" to pack the app. Node version 6.14.4 and fdk version 4.4.1.


Currently we do not support 'http' module. I will discuss with our PM and create a ticket to add support for 'http'.

Sorry, I could not help you with any workaround as it requires changes in our CLI.


Janani V.

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I figured that out already, just forgot to update this topic. I found my answers in the documentation.

You do not need to request adding the http module, I have switched to https as that solves this issue and is just better anyway.


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