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Sandbox Environment for Testing

Once a Freshservice instance has gone live and is in production, changes may want to occur. Depending on the change (new Workflows, installation of apps, retrieving/updating data via the API, etc.), it'll likely want to be tested first. Doing this on a live/production environment is not the best option as it can lead to undesirable results depending on the action occurring.

Providing access to a Sandbox instance would allow administrators to perform their testing before implementing the changes to their Live/Production instance. In addition to this, it will allow for the creation of test tickets without affecting the quality of the data in the live/production environment (which is important for management when running reports).

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I would also like to see this feature

It does look like FreshWorks got this feature in Feb 2019,  any idea on if this will be applied to FreshService?


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Any news on when this will be scheduled?

Hi All, Sandbox is available now in Freshservice. You'll find more info here: https://support.freshservice.com/support/solutions/articles/240613

Thanks for the update, but it is very disappointing Fresh Service has chosen to make this only available @ Forset level

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Only offering the sandbox to Forest is really disappointing.

I don't know that I have ever Not had access to a mimicked testing/sandbox environment for any application I have used.  This would include in a community system. 

100% agree, I need to test the MSP Functionality and have no way to do so without messing up my current instance

I could really do with this feature without having to upgrade my package anymore than I already have. Why only provide a test environment to those on Forest? 

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