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Release Notes - 04 September 2018


  • Product Updates Page in Freshservice: Introducing the “Product Updates” page in Freshservice. This page will be the one stop for news on Freshservice product updates, blog posts, events and training material.

  • Custom Mailbox Enhancement: If you are using Custom mailbox and if for any reason the mailbox fails to perform as expected, the app will create an alarm banner to draw your attention to the issue so that you can carry out the necessary resolution steps.

  • Marketplace SDK: App developers can now leverage source field for writing apps on ticket details page. More details here.

Bug fixes

  •  Fixed an issue where import completion or failure email notifications were not triggered occasionally. 

  •  Fixed an issue where the primary language was not set during requester creation through google authentication.
  •  Fixed an issue where an agent receives an error upon raising a service request from the support portal though the  service request was created successfully.
  •  Fixed an issue in the date picker in Service Request forms goes back only up to year 1950. Now year up to 1900 can  be selected.


It's great that we're getting release notes on updates.  However, considering this change was made on 9/4, and the release notes are coming out on 9/13, this is really poor release management. How are release notes not available immediately upon the new code going LIVE?  If my company did this, our clients would fry us for breakfast.  Can Freshworks please publish release notes at the time of release, or at the very least... the same day?

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Matt, since we ship multiple times in a week all the items shipped over the week is called out in the release notes every Tuesday. I see the last few updates were posted late and I apologize for that. We'll make sure the regular cadence is maintained. 

However, any major release that is communicated through in-product notifications / emails and an update on the forums. Any major change in product behavior is communicated ahead of time to all our customers. 

We'll check if we can increase the frequency of comms so that updates are available as soon as the changes are live instead of every Tuesday. 

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