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Release Notes - 22 Aug 2018


  • Analytics Enhancement : Hyperlink for ID’s in Tabular Reports - Users can now navigate to the details page of a Ticket, Change, Problem & Release from the Tabular Report.

  • Uniquely Identifying Assets in Freshservice - One of the ways assets are uniquely identified  in Freshservice is by checking for the combination of Display Name & Used By. This meant that if an employee has 2 monitors (with the same name), you can't assign both to the same user. This check has been removed.

  • Asset Import Revamp - When importing assets into Freshservice, asset managers can now choose to match the records in the csv file with the assets in Freshservice by Display Name, Asset Tag or Serial Number. This will help reduce duplication of assets in Freshservice.

Bug Fixes

  • Some agents occasionally encountered a “Page does not exist” error upon creating a new asset manually instead of being redirected to the view page of the asset. This has now been fixed. 

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