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Project Management needs improvement

One of the main reasons we signed up for FreshService was integrated Project Management capabilities. 

However, the current implementation is very lacking in some key areas which makes it basically unusable.

I have seen some other people have mentioned some of these things before, up to a year ago, on these forums. I am wondering if we can get some improvements on some of these items.

  • When I got to Projects, the last filter I selected should be the default. For most people, this would be "My Projects". Showing "All Projects" every time is an extra couple of clicks every time. When viewing Tickets, it remembers the last filters I used; Projects should be the same.
  • Don't make me enter dates/times for a Task. I don't always know the target date, and this is an extra step which I then need to come back and revise.
  • Order Tasks by date by default (if they have a date), but let me reorder the tasks as I wish. Right now they seem to go by completion date (?), but if I have several tasks with the same date, they just go in a random order (doesn't even seem to be alphabetical). In my opinion, order should be by my own priority first, then by completion date, then by alphabetical. Or just let us define the sorting ourselves.
  • We need a progress indicator other than % complete. I think Gantt charts (even if they are simplified or view-only based on the Tasks properties) would be extremely valuable here.
  • We need reports. Unless I am missing something, Reporting for Projects is non-existent. Gantt charts should be in here too.

Again, in its current state, the Project Management features are basically useless. It actually works better to create a Ticket and then have Tasks there. That is not Project Management, though.

I have been TRYING to use this for some projects but it is just not effective. I can provide specific examples to illustrate my points above if needed.

If anyone else is having more success with Project Management I would like to hear about it. Also please chime in about my specific points above. 



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Glad to see Gantt charts are now on the roadmap.

I agree!  We are going to be using this for our IT ticketing software and they want to see if it can be used for our project management as well, but I have had some of the same issues.  

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