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Report Periods Longer than 6 Months

It would be great to be able to run reports farther back than 6 months.  We have SOC audits and year-over-year comparisons that need at least 12 months.

Are you not able to run reports further back than 6 months? The report filter seems to give you that ability. I'm a new potential customer and so I don't know.

Actually, it looks like you you could run two 6 month reports using "date range" to get a full 12 months of data.  And you might be able to create a report with ticket age being less than 365 to get close.  I haven't tested that, yet.

If you are able to test that please let me kno.mw. This is critical to my implementation, and I have no way to test it myself.

I was able to create two reports for 6 months each using the date range option, and it didn't balk.  The ticket age idea seems to work as well.  I was able to create a report with time period being less than today's date and ticket age be greater than 365.  Thing is we don't have any data that goes back farther than a couple of weeks, so I'm still not 100% sure what we'll see when there is data.  Hopefully someone else can confirm?

I did the same run with a similar timeline and didn't get errors. My guess is that they have put some limits in some areas to prevent the database from being taxed by having a bunch of reports querying years and years of data. 

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