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Add Requester Features/Options

Hello FreshService Team,

A couple of possible future updates I would like to recommend (currently on Blossom Plan):

1. When adding CC's to a ticket (or possibly more than 1 requester), can those CC's be able to view/reply to the ticket as well, just not close the ticket?

2. Also, when creating escalation rules or supervisor rules, can you allow us to make the escalation/supervisor rule email another requester (one that is not attached to the ticket).

As an example, Jane Smith reported an issue. No agent has touched on this issue in 5 days and this needs to be escalated up to HR or another superior that is not an agent in the system. I want the escalation/supervisor rule to be able to send an email to HR (Requester, again not attached to ticket) stating that the ticket for Jane Smith has not had any movement from whatever agent is assigned to it.

These 2 additions can be extremely helpful and I think could benefit both my service desk team as well as anyone else that uses your service. 

Thanks much,


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