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Ability to reorder Additional Items in Service Catalog creations

We are using a Service Catalog item for on-boarding new users.  In the Additional Items section I can easily add which other service items I'd like to be available so that tickets will auto generate as they are selected.  However, the items appear to be added in no particular order.  It would be helpful to be able to move these fields around in the order we would like them to appear.  This will also make going through each of these items easier for those who will be filling out the on-boarding Service Catalog item as they request it.

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This is currently possible

This is currently possible

Any update on this one? was just about to raise a request myself as just identified it and found it was already on the boil :)

Hope this is realy soon would be great ! 

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Yes please address this issue.


We will be picking this up soon. Will keep you posted. 



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would be a nice option to have this.

I'm having the same issue.  The order they appear seems to be random from the order I added them.  Would be nice to have the ability to reorder to could group hardware first, accounts second, etc

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