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Asset Management Enhancements

Hello Everyone! 

We are working on a series of improvements and changes to Asset Management and you can expect to see some of these updates in Freshservice over the next few weeks. Here's a list of upcoming enhancements to Assets module:

Last Login By and IP Address fields for discovered devices (Available Now)

The Freshservice discovery tools will update the Last Login By username every time the device syncs with Freshservice. This field will be available in the computer properties on the Asset overview page. This will allow you to keep track of the user who is using the device. The auto-update will be introduced for Windows devices first and then extended to other devices.

The IP Address field will available as part of the components sections (as against the components tab) going forward. The IP Address field will be searchable (entire string) and can also be included on the asset list page (by creating a view for computer devices).

Uniquely identifying Assets in Freshservice (Available Now)

  • One of the ways assets are uniquely identified  in Freshservice is by checking for the combination of Display Name & Used By. What this meant is that if an employee has 2 monitors (with the same name), you can't assign both to the same user. This check will be removed
  • Default fields that are common for all assets types such as Display Name and Asset Tag will be configurable under Admin -> Asset Types. You can choose to make the Display Name and Asset Tag as unique fields in Freshservice. 

Importing Assets into Freshservice is set to get simpler!  (Available Now)

You can choose to match records in the CSV with the assets in Freshservice by Asset Tag, Display Name or Serial Number. This will ensure duplicates assets are not created. Here's a snapshot of how the new import will look:

Asset barcode label generation (Available Now)

  • The Asset Tag field will be auto-populated with a unique ID (ASSET-123) if the field is left blank while creating an asset (This can be overwritten at any point by the user)
  • The Asset Tag field can be used to generate asset barcode labels. This barcode can be scanned using the Freshservice Mobile App to quickly pull up the asset information and also perform asset audits

Edit: the feature "Support for shared assets" has been moved as a separate topic.

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 Would it be possible to narrow down visibility of assets? We are multi-department company and it would be required that Agent from Department X can see only Assets related to X, not all in database.

Hi Michal, 

Yes! We do plan to extend the group based access control to assets. Still a bit early to share details here as we are finishing up some internal discussions. I'll drop a note once we take it up for development.




In a MSP environment of freshservice, it would be beneficial that the discovery probe populates assets based on company Name.


 - a discovery probe executed on client A, should populate assets preassigned to Client A company.

 - a discovery probe executed on client B, should populate assets preassigned to Client B company.

.. and so on.

Another thing to take into account is that in a MSP mode of freshservice, Client A locations can be diferent from client B.


 - Client A has factory floor 1 and 2, reception, lounge and archiving room

 - Client B can have room 1.1. room 1.2, headquarters building maintnance room,..etc

So asset locations in this scenario, should take into account the company

And companies with different locations, shouldn't see each other locations.

Best regards,



Has this part been implemented yet?

Asset barcode label generation

  • The Asset Tag field will be auto-populated with a unique ID (ASSET-123) if the field is left blank while creating an asset (This can be overwritten at any point by the user)
  • The Asset Tag field can be used to generate asset barcode labels. This barcode can be scanned using the Freshservice Mobile App to quickly pull up the asset information and also perform asset audits

Many thanks


Hi João, we are exploring adding asset automation rules. The conditions you have mentioned can be addressed through automations. We'll consider your inputs as we evaluate automations for assets. Thanks!

Hi Simon, the auto-population of Asset tag is already implemented. The barcode label generation will be released in phases starting next week. You will first be able to print one label at a time from the asset detail page. We'll follow that up with capability to print labels in bulk and also edit the format of the label. Here's a screenshot of the first part that will be available soon:

Can we get filtrations by multiple categories? Can we add additional parameters to an asset? If I have an EC2 Instance on AWS, and if I can tag it as Windows, Linux. We can search for assets by boolean search, Windows AND EC2 or EC2 and SQL?

Also, is there an option to connect PowerBI to asset management?

I am a little surprised that there isn't an automized way to change the quantity in consumables.   If someone Were to request a new Mouse and that consumable asset was added to the ticket I should Remove 1 from the quantity.   This would greatly help with keeping track of Backroom inventory and knowing what to order at the beginning of the month. I was really looking forward to using this feature and it turns out that it isn't one.  Can we add this to the roadmap as well?

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The asset name field is not so relevant to us, and seems a bit strange to have as the key field.  So a way to change the key field to say asset tag or serial number would be best.  Product already covers the type of item, serial number or asset covers the unique identifier, what is the purpose of name?  This is the only field that is searchable with a partial string.  Why can you not search partial matches on other fields?  Also, when attaching an asset to a ticket, it only shows display name which is not useful, need the ability to show asset tag, serial number, product, etc to the asset list on a ticket.

Is it in the plans to have the product catalog for assets be able to connect with service requests for purchasing?


You cannot filter by multiple categories at the moment (I assume you are referring to asset types when you mean categories). However, you can add additional parameters (Admin -> Asset Types -> Edit) and you can filter by multiple values if you add drop down fields. 

There is no option to connect asset information to power BI right now. But we are working on scheduled data exports and this will include asset information as well. Once this is available, you can use the export to report on assets in powerBI. More details here: https://support.freshservice.com/support/discussions/topics/320375

@Rcarr, we have this on our backlog. I'll update the roadmap once this gets prioritized. 

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Glad the changes to the unique filed will be helpful for you. When you have 100s of devices of the same model, quickly identifying the one you need may not be easy. You'll have to either look for the tag or the serial number and other such attributes. We have customers who use IP addresses, asset tags, and sometimes even details such as "Macbook Pro - Sid" to indicate who is using the device in the display name. I'll check with the team about the partial search for other fields. 

The changes you have requested for the associate asset window is already on our backlog. I'll share more details once it is prioritized for dev. Thanks for your feedback!

@Collin, can you please elaborate on the requirement? 

Hello Everyone,

We have recently shipped new options for Asset Managers to 

  • Set default fields such as Used By, Location, Asset Tag and Department as Mandatory
  • Set Display Name and Asset Tag as Unique. Marking these fields as unique will trigger a uniqueness validation check every time an asset is created or modified and users will get a validation error if the Display Name / Asset Tag exists.

The options to maintain these changes are available under Admin -> Asset Types & Fields -> Default Fields.

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