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Asset Management Enhancements

Hello Everyone! 

We are working on a series of improvements and changes to Asset Management and you can expect to see some of these updates in Freshservice over the next few weeks. Here's a list of upcoming enhancements to Assets module:

Last Login By and IP Address fields for discovered devices (Available Now)

The Freshservice discovery tools will update the Last Login By username every time the device syncs with Freshservice. This field will be available in the computer properties on the Asset overview page. This will allow you to keep track of the user who is using the device. The auto-update will be introduced for Windows devices first and then extended to other devices.

The IP Address field will available as part of the components sections (as against the components tab) going forward. The IP Address field will be searchable (entire string) and can also be included on the asset list page (by creating a view for computer devices).

Uniquely identifying Assets in Freshservice (Available Now)

  • One of the ways assets are uniquely identified  in Freshservice is by checking for the combination of Display Name & Used By. What this meant is that if an employee has 2 monitors (with the same name), you can't assign both to the same user. This check will be removed
  • Default fields that are common for all assets types such as Display Name and Asset Tag will be configurable under Admin -> Asset Types. You can choose to make the Display Name and Asset Tag as unique fields in Freshservice. 

Importing Assets into Freshservice is set to get simpler!  (Available Now)

You can choose to match records in the CSV with the assets in Freshservice by Asset Tag, Display Name or Serial Number. This will ensure duplicates assets are not created. Here's a snapshot of how the new import will look:

Asset barcode label generation (Available Now)

  • The Asset Tag field will be auto-populated with a unique ID (ASSET-123) if the field is left blank while creating an asset (This can be overwritten at any point by the user)
  • The Asset Tag field can be used to generate asset barcode labels. This barcode can be scanned using the Freshservice Mobile App to quickly pull up the asset information and also perform asset audits

Edit: the feature "Support for shared assets" has been moved as a separate topic.

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Hi, whilst automatically assigning an asset tag may work for some organisations it won't for all. Is there anyway these can be amended and/or deleted via a bulk upload that negates the need to upload all the assets again?

It's a time consuming effort to amend these details if can only do it 1 by 1 as I've found out. I am aware of the bulk amendment option but this obviously is limited to what you can change.

Please, Add some Risk Management Capability.

Are there any updates on asset automation rules features? I am looking to trigger event when new asset is created/updated. Specifically send data through webhook into finance system/info to finacne department

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Hi Mohana,

Re: Last Login By and IP Address fields for discovered devices (Available Now)

MAC's on our environment are not returning any 'Last Login By' data. We are seeing this field populated for our PC's! We have a support ticket but have been told this functionality is not available for MAC's. Could you help clarify this?

Hi Andrew, 

That's right. The last logged in user information is currently pulled for windows device only. The Discovery Agent and the Probe have to be updated to supported scanning this information from MAC devices and this is planned for over the next 2 months. 

@Eugene, Not yet, but we are starting work on asset automations very soon. I'll share more details on the roadmap forum in a few weeks. 



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Hi Sid - just checking in on progress relating to the updated Probe to pull Last Logged in User Information on the MAC devices.

Hi Andrew, We'll be taking up this item in the next version of the Probe. Some of the main features that will be implemented in this version are listed here: https://support.freshservice.com/support/discussions/topics/326742 

We are currently limited in what columns of asset data we can display.  Same for exporting asset data.   All fields should be accessible to display, filter, sort, and export.  For example, Asset State is an important field to help with managing an organization's assets but is largely inaccessible for visualization or reporting.  I should be able to easily display and export a list of all assets with a particular state or be able to see the applicable state of all assets when doing a full export.  Not having this is frustrating.  Would you please add these as options?  It should be standard.

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