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Freshdesk Mint App - Freshdesk API call quota


we've created a custom Freshdesk App that performs Freshdesk API call to fetch additional information, that are not available by Data API. In old Freshdesk, those API calls where performed with the session credentials of the user.

In Freshdesk Mint, I'm enforced to set the credentials in Request API, since the App is running in a sandboxed IFrame, but besides using the app installation parameters, there is no reasonable way to use the credentials of the user.

Since just the administrator can maintain the app installation parameters, I only can provide one API key, which results in lavishing away my API call quota, while the users' API call quota is wasted.

I'd propose one of the following as solution:

- Let Apps be configurable on user level

- Provide Request API calls of Freshdesk API with user credentials on your own

- Make API call quotas transferable 

Thanks, Klaus

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Hello Klaus,

Thanks for sharing this feedback. We do understand the value of having user-level authentication for apps, and this is something we have considered supporting on our platform.

I do not believe that API rate limits in Freshdesk are applicable separately to individual users. The limits apply to the account as a whole. Nevertheless, it is possible to store and use user-credentials for individual users with your app. This would basically use the Data Storage feature to store the user's api key (you must ask the user to share the same before they can use the app) and SMI to securely use this token from the serverless app, make the Freshdesk API request using this api key and return the response to your front-end app.

If you would like to try building this, do let us know and we can share more details.


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