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Prevent tickets with open tasks being resolved/closed

Currently tickets can be set to resolved/closed, even if there are outstanding open tasks.  When the ticket is closed, all the open tasks are automatically closed by the system, even if they haven't been completed.

Please add a confirmation prompt so that if an agent is resolving/closing a ticket that has open tasks, the agent is aware and can choose whether to proceed or not.

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Yes! Need this!

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To add to that, I use tasks to remind myself to do things related to a ticket and I want to be able to keep these tasks open after the resolution of the ticket. 

Example: I receive a ticket asking to add a guest to Slack, Trello and other services for a fixed period. I create a task set to the end of that period to remind me to remove the guest (and add it to my Google Calendar with the integration). Once I invited the guest I resolve the ticket. When the ticket automatically closes 48h later the task closes along with it and disappears from my calendar.

If we could add a supervisor rule to check for open tasks when automatically closing a ticket that would be a good solution

Yes, having task close that aren't actually completed is a huge problem.

Please add this feature, as there is no point having a task in the ticket if you can close the ticket without the task being completed.

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