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Watchers on Changes

Could I request that you add the 'Watcher' functionality to changes as well as tickets?

example: I raise a change request for a firewall change so it would be assigned to the Agent who will implement the change. As there is not really a 'Requester' of a change, I get no notifications when it is implemented or notes added whereas if I could be a watcher I could be notified when the change is updated

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100% agree, most changes, problems, and releases start at the IT level and don't have a "requester" this field should be changed/removed in favorĀ of a contacts to notify list

Watchers are needed on both Changes and Problems, just like any other tickets.

It would be nice to have all the functionality that is available within the Ticket area for both changes and problems e.g Watchers, Discuss, in depth activity log.

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