Behavior changes to how software assets and contracts are handled in Freshservice

The new Software Asset Management feature is scheduled for roll-out to all existing accounts in a phased manner starting July 09, 2018. With the introduction of the new module, you can expect changes to the existing product behavior. This includes deprecating of a few existing features.

Discovered Software List

The approach of classifying software as Assets and Non-Assets is being discontinued. You do not have to convert Non-Assets into Assets anymore by creating Software Products in the Product Catalog. All discovered software will be listed automatically under the new Software Module.

Software License Contracts

Software License contracts cannot be linked to software products going forward. The contracts can now be linked to software scanned through the discovery tools directly in the new software list. 

Software License Compliance Report

The Software License Management report has been deprecated and no new updates will be pushed to the report once the new Software module is made available in an account. Going forward, license compliance information can be viewed within the new Software module directly. You can find more details here.

License compliance status of a software that was available in the product catalog can now be directly viewed in the software detail page. 

Blacklisted Software

The admin options to blacklist software (Admin -> Discovery -> Settings -> Blacklisted Software) has been removed. Software can be classified as Blacklisted / Ignored / Managed directly from within the Software list. If you had configured blacklisted software, this will be securely migrated to the new software list automatically. More details on how to classify software can be found here

Discovery - Linux Devices

Support for software scanned from Linux devices has been discontinued.

The install count is still including software from Retired assets and we are unable to see any method of excluding or removing these details from the overall list.

We also have software that is licensed to individual machines in our organisation, but don't seem to see any way that we could associate a specific contract with a given copy of the software.

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Craig yes is see this to we need to be able to delete software on retired devices . 

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Any progress on this?   It's a pain to have retired devices show up in the software count... 

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