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Additions for the Analytics module

glad to see the analytics module live, but i have a few improvements already.

  1. Its not possible to export to XLS directly, and when scheduled only PDF is available. would be nice if the xls function comes back.
  2. Its not possible to change/edit the colors of the graphs. sometime you want a specific graph to pop out a bit, but now they all look the same.
  3. for a better view on what happens year round, a lot of our current reports show the data of the previous year(s) as well. this is easy to do trend analysis with. at the moment, when creating a widget to show tickets since 2017 it adds up the tickets for January 2017 and 2018. sow the first few months in this overview look very busy.
  4. it would be nice to create an widget with a line graph that show in 2 lines the amount of ticket received by an group and resolved. to easily see the performance of a group based in throughput of ticket. now i need to create 2 widgets for this.

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I'd really be interested in being able to customise the colour scheme to really make these widgets stand out. 

It would also be super useful if I could pull a report on tabulated data and export it into xls or csv.

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