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Scheduled Data Exports

Scheduled data exports for Tickets, Problems, Changes, Release, Tasks, Assets, Groups, Users & Departments. Users can consume these data exports from Freshservice to build their own custom dashboards within any BI tool. 

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Are you able to provide any more details on what data will be available to export? we will have control of the data the is exported, or will it be similar to your API where you can only request all ticket data for example?

Can you also confirm what the frequencies will be for scheduling data exports? Some of the data we would use for our dashboard is required to be updated every few minutes, so being able to have granular control over the times would be good.

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Will that also include export for time entries?

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Definitely needs to include Time Entries for sure, I completely agree with Sadaka.

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does the data include the entries in the activity log of the tickets? this allows us to track how long it takes an group to solve the ticket or transfer it to another group.

Also need to be able to grab the time entries from the tickets.

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