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Remove duplicate notification emails

When someone replies to a ticket email and includes me directly, I get 3 emails:

1. Direct from the user

2. "New Reply Received" message (Agent Notifications - Requester Replies to Ticket)

3. "New Comment" message (CC Notifications - Note Added to Ticket)

It would be great if FreshService could detect that the Agent email is also the CC email, and that the original email included both, and reduce emails accordingly.

In this case, FS should see that I've already directly received the email, and not fire the rules for 2 and 3.

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I completely agree.  I'm constantly getting queries from users about duplicate notifications.  It would be great if the system were more intelligent with this. Thanks.

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Good point, I hadn't considered that this might happen to users as well.

That makes it even more important!

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