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Reminder notifications for returning loaned items

We're using loaner service items and it works really well.  The only issue we've found is that requesters and agents often forget when an item is due back.

We would like Freshservice to send return reminders to the requester and the assigned agent, say, 24 hours before the item is due back.  The timeframe should ideally be configurable by an administrator.

I tried seeing if I could do this with a Supervisor rule but it didn't seem possible.

Thanks - Simon

Another issue related to this is that if a loaner item hasn't been returned and the service request is still open, Freshservice allows the item to be booked out immediately to someone else.  This has caught us out when a user was late returning a laptop (by a day or two), another user booked it and came to pick it up, but of course it wasn't there.

Hi Simon, 

To your first query, Freshservice sends reminders to the requester as per this logic. 

As for the second issue, I agree we do not allow buffer period between bookings, I will add this to the product backlog. 



Hi Joe

Thanks for your reply and for linking to the solutions article.

I had read that before, but it's not clear from that article when those emails are sent.  Are they reminding the requester to pick up the item or are they reminding them to bring it back?  Either way, I can't find any evidence that these email reminders are being sent.  A requester that frequently loans items hasn't received any such email reminders, either to pick the item up or bring it back -- only emails for ticket received, ticket resolved and ticket closed.

Regardless, this is only covering email reminders to requesters.  As I mentioned in my original post, it would be very helpful if agents could also get reminders that items are due back and perhaps also that they're overdue.

Thanks for adding the requirement for a buffer period to the product backlog.  However, I'm not sure that it would entirely address the issue.  As I see it, the problem is that Freshservice doesn't capture when the item is returned.  If an item isn't returned, Freshservice shouldn't allow it to be booked by someone else.

Interestingly, the article you linked to mentions how it should ideally work:

Once the item is returned to the IT team, it can be made available in the service catalog again and can be reused by another user.

However, as far as I can tell, Freshservice doesn't do that.  It allows the item to be booked out before it is returned.



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