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The Ability to track PO's

I come from BMC's Track it! and while it is antiquated it did have a very nice feature of being able to track Vendor Quotes and Purchase Orders

It would work like this. On one line.

Quote Number, Vendor, Description or Items Purchased, The ability to attach said quotes and who requested the item(s) as well as which agent approved the quote and the Purchase Order # (Auto Generated by simple count starting at whatever number you wanted) by the system.

You could change whatever fields you liked as they had generic columns you could add or remove.

It wouldn't have to work exactly like this but the ability to add Purchase Orders and Quotes in a central location would be helpful.

Thank You


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This would fit in well with my idea for generic vendor integration:

Taking this further, it would be great if Freshservice tracked the full lifecycle of a CI, from request, approval, quotation, ordering, receipt, through to disposal.

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