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Can't change incident due date unless status is Open

Please fix this bug.

Thanks - Simon

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Hi Simon,

By design, we do not allow the change of Due date unless the Ticket stays in a status for which the SLA Time applies. We do not apply SLA timer for Pending/Closed/Resolved Status, you can create custom status from Admin>Form Fields and apply SLA Timer for it and that should allow you to change the Due date when the Ticket falls to the Custom Status.

Hope this sounds helpful.

Hi B Thushan

Thanks for your reply.

Can you please explain further why Freshservice can't allow the due date to be changed depending on the status?  It's not making a lot of sense to me.  Is it a technical reason?

Thanks - Simon

Hi Simon,

When a Ticket is set to On-hold(SLA off) the Ticket would no longer carry any SLA and Due By would be set to the time when the Ticket was moved to On-Hold hence we do not show the option to Set Due for the Ticket. The same condition is applied fo Resolved & Closed status.

Hope this explains.

Hi B Thusan

Thanks for your explanation.  I see now that Due By gets changed to the date and time of when the ticket is put on hold, and that it changes back to its original setting (and allows you to change it) when the ticket is put back to open.  I guess you have your reasons for doing it this way -- sorry that I'm not fully understanding them -- but it still seems very strange.

From a helpdesk administrator's or agent's point of view, the ticket really only has one due by date -- it's the one that was automatically set according to the SLA when the ticket was created (eg. in 3 days time).  If I change the ticket's status to Pending while I'm waiting for the requester to get back to me, the system may decide to arbitrarily change the due by date for its own purposes, but as far as I'm concerned, the ticket is still due in 3 days.  If I want to extend that because the requester needs more time, it's a real pain to have to change the ticket status to Open so that the original due date is restored, change the date, then change the status back to Pending.  It's also really counter-intuitive and difficult to justify to anyone.  That's why we call it a bug.

Does that make sense to you?  Is there any possibility that Freshservice can have a real due by date that doesn't arbitrarily change and doesn't require the user to have to toggle the ticket status to change it themselves?

Thanks - Simon

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