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Snooze Ticket

Often, tickets must await something; either another vendor, a part shipment, another ticket, or something else.

It would be nice to add a "Snooze Ticket until..." action which would put the ticket in a special "snoozed" status for an amount of time determined by the agent.  Selecting this action could pop-up a calendar which would allow the agent to select the date when they expect to be able to work on the ticket again.  On the date selected, the ticket would re-appear in the agent's queue.

Special bonus would be to make a ticket snooze until another action has been completed, such as another ticket/problem being resolved, or some other action resolving.

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This is a great idea!

Plus one to this. I'm trying to figure out a jury rigged way of doing this using rule automations and perhaps a custom ticket status. We are constantly getting requests that we don't need to handle until a later date and I don't want to see those tickets mixed in with the tickets that need handled more immediately. If anyone's already done this, I'd be curious to know how you implemented it.

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