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Workplace by Facebook Integration

Workplace is a collaboration tool that connects everyone in an organization. With Workplace you can form groups, share ideas, and have productive conversations. You can also communicate with other members of your company.  

The Freshservice - Workplace integration, helps bring the service desk closer to your employees. 

Employees can now invoke their helpdesk bot using the Freshservice integration. Invoking this bot creates the workplace post (or the child posts) as a ticket in Freshservice. Also, the bot automatically sends an acknowledgement to the employee on the same workplace post about the ticket creation. Replies and notes added by agents on Freshservice will be appended as comments to the corresponding Workplace post. Additionally, a quick comment is added on the workplace post upon the ticket resolution and closure.

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As a G-Suite company who chose Freshservice as a recommended tool, I'd rather see some sort of Google+ integration, and leverage what I already have my users hooked into.

But as Google Drive or Hangouts Chat aren't on the cards as native integrations, I guess we won't see that either ?

Hi Graeme, we have rolled out the Google drive app for Freshservice today. You can check out the app here. Also, please find the solution article for the set up instructions. 

I don't seem to be able to see Google Team Drives I'm a member of, we keep all our support docs in a company shared Team Drive.

Am I missing something ?


Can i join in on the beta for this feature? it is very very important for us, as today, our agents have to manually copy the posts with the requests from facebook workplace manually into freshservice and then copy all the feedback again and again.

@Freshservice - You do know that 1% of business collaboration occurs on Facebook Workplace? Where is the Microsoft Teams Integration that was asked about 2 years ago!! 

Teams is currently in use by 21% of companies and likely will be 40-50% in the near future as companies with Skype for Business transition to Teams.

Your lack of road map and lack of priorities is really starting to bother us and you can see it bothering others in posts that routinely go without a response.

when is this being released? we're in the beta but the integration does not work...

Couple possible scenarios could be handled using Webhooks: 

  1. When a high priority ticket is created in the Helpdesk - notify a VIP group channel in MS Teams.
  2. Assigned to Group: When a ticket is assigned to a group, notify the corresponding channel in MS Team.

How to configure:

1. Set the condition in Workflow Automator / Dispatch’r/ Observer on when you want this message to be sent to MS Teams. ( Eg: Priority is Urgent, Group is Major Incident Management)

2. Use the action Trigger Webhook in Actions.

3.  Choose POST for Request Type

4. For callback URL, the customer will be able to find out the callback URL from their end using this link:

5. For the encoding part, choose Advanced and pass the attributes that we want to post in the channel in the Content part of the webhook

shown in the image below:

The message in MS Team channel would look like this:

I hope this should help if you folks are looking only for one-way integration between Freshservice and Microsoft Teams.

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