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Trouble merging contacts


I've been organizing our contacts one by one and trying to merge duplicates.

I've been able to successfully merge contacts for awhile but then yesterday I received the following error: 


Any idea why this might be happening? 

Thank you,


Hi Eliana,

Can you please let us know if this happens for the specific contact every time? This is a common error that shows up when the API call to perform some operation fails due to an error. 

If you're able to recreate this error, Can you please record the network logs and share the X-Request ID with us? It would help us to focus on the exact issue with the help of the logs.

To find the X-request ID, please keep the console tab open when you're trying to merge the contact. You'll see the failing activity under the Network tab.




It is only happening with one specific contact every time, all my other contacts merge fine. 

Hello Eliana,

Thanks for the X-request ID. Certainly helps to track the logs :)

Can you please check the secondary emails added to the contacts that you were trying to merge? Seems like there is an invalid value available in either of the contact as suggested by the error response:

"code"=>"invalid_value", "field"=>:other_emails, "nested_field"=>nil, "http_code"=>400, "message"=>"Values unassociated with the given users found"


Both contacts only have one email associated with them. 

One is a gmail account and the other is 

I don't see anything weird about the email addresses. 


That's quite strange,Eliana. Can you please open the contacts, click on Edit and then try saving them once? See if that does the trick for you.


That cleared up the issue, thank you!

Ah! Glad to know that, Eliana. 


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