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Ticket List View Customisation

The form factor of a mobile device pushes us to think hard about the information that we can/should show on the ticket list page. While we agree that the art of good design is about retaining the obvious and subtracting everything else, we also empathise with our end users who would have created custom field that they would like to see as it helps them operate that much more productively. We respect that and hence here is another mobile first initiative where we are attempting to offer more power by given them a way to control what all information they would like to configure and see on the ticket list page.

Some of the key highlights are as follows

- Ability to select upto 7 different type of fields to be grouped and shown for a ticket

- Simple toggle on the ticket list page to change the view from the normal short version to the expanded version

- Ability to select a view of choice as default

Planned Release : Mid June 


Freshservice Mobile Team

This has pushed to my Android app today, however it has a few quirks:

  1. Font size of the bubbles/dropdowns is larger than the requester name and due by text size; a lot of wasted space as a result.
  2. Agent name cuts off (with an ellipses ...) after only 4 characters with no way to see the full name. Selecting the dropdown does not indicate who is currently assigned. If you have multiple agents named Adam, you wouldn't know whose ticket it is.
  3. Agent dropdown is in reverse alphabetical order, opposite of the web portal/what's expected.
  4. The collapse/expand button disregarded my settings the first time I expanded it (I had hidden the priority field). However the second time onward it honored the settings correctly.
Additionally, are there plans to add additional fields (specifically custom fields)? We use a custom 'System' field and being unable to see this in the app without clicking into the edit pencil on the ticket view makes it tougher to use the mobile app.

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