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last modified sorting does not work, when customer adds a public note

 Hi support,

Is there a known workflow to sort the tickets by last modified, when customers add public node instead of reply?

We often have the problem, that customers add public notes and we then get no notification about the customers answer. In some cases tickets then are lost.

Changing the priority, the ticket will be sorted by last modified.

We would like to have the function, that the ticket sorting will be refreshed as soon as a ticket is updated/modified by customer or agent. Is this possible in any way?

Thank you in advance


Hello Friedrich,

Since this is a forum for issues related to the development of an App, you are unlikely to get a response to this question. Perhaps you can raise this in the "Freshdesk Forum" instead and report your problem and seek help there, or raise a support ticket on our support portal.


I do not know how I got there but thanks for the notice.


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