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Requester's ticket links not fully clickable

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Navigate to a requester that has associated tickets.
  2. On the Tickets tab, hover your cursor over the length of one of the ticket links.
  3. Notice that the first 1cm or so of the ticket link is not clickable.

Hi Simon,

Thank you for notifying us. We were able to recreate this in our staging Environment and Engineers confirmed it as a Bug. 

Will change this behavior in our future releases and will keep you posted.

Thanks :)

Hi Thushan

Can you please give me an update on when this bug will be fixed?

Thanks - Simon

Hi Simon,

This should be addressed over the early April deployments.

This appeared to have been fixed about a week or so ago, but now seeing the unclickable links again.

Hi Marek,  

We didn't roll out any fix for this issue and we should shortly have this deployed.

Thanks for fixing this :)

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