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Team Huddle Notifications

My team and I like to use Team Huddle to discuss open tickets. However we are constantly missing team huddle conversations because we are not effectively notified of a new team huddle or a team huddle response.

What would be good is either a pop up notification within the UI that grabs our attention better than the standard notification panel in the top right or even a push notification straight to each users desktop.  

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Hi Jack,

I agree with you, it's such a nice idea. I was about to open a ticket to ask if there were any way to change the notifications when we use the Huddle.


agree - this is the one thing holding us back from using this - the notifications need to be better

Any news on this?  

I agree on that there should be som kind of improvement on the notifications. 

What I can see you get one notifications in the Freshservice notifications function  when you our your group is mentioned in a discussion. 

Maybe some kind of uniqe huddle UI icon that floats on top of FS when you are involved in a discussion. 

Now you have to remember all the tickets you are involved in a discussion with wich is rather tricky.

Hi Everybody, right now we are re-visiting our approaches to solve for collaboration needs within the service desk context. This includes all forms of agent - agent/non-agent/3rd party users interactions. Saying that, we are not looking at enhancing the Team Huddle experience for now. I will post more updates on the thread once we have more progress around the same. 

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