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Feature Request: Customizable Ticket Summary Dashboard

The Ticket Summary dashboard lacks customization.

Each of the 5 displays (Overdue, Open, On Hold, Due Today, and Unassigned) should be customizable.

For example, being able to Update the title and link to the desired filter that was setup specific to the Agent would add a lot of benefits.

There was some discussion around this and I was told it would be launched in q3 of 2017, it is now almost Q2 of 2018 and I can no longer see this on the roadmap.

Can we please add this simple modification to the roadmap?

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We would like to be able to customize the dashboard as well. Being able to look at "Urgent" tickets when they are in from a dashboard view is beneficial at a top level glance.

Hello Jordan & Clay,

Customisable Dashboards is one of the key features in the roadmap for the year. Would be happy to provide you more information when we make some considerable progress with the development of the feature.


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Is there an update on this please?   I was informed this would be delivered in Q3 2017 then told Q4 2017.  

@Linda: Customisable Team Dashboards is currently in BETA. Please follow this thread to get the latest updates on the feature release.


Was the beta just released for Freshdesk users, or was it also available in Freshservice? If yes on the latter, is there an ETA for gold?

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... adding my two cents.  This is a feature that would be very beneficial to me and to my teams.  From a managers standpoint, I would like a quick snapshot of how my teams are performing.  From a teams standpoint, it would be nice for them to have a quick view of their own tickets.  I'm looking forward to seeing this feature released.

Just want to throw in my two cents as well on this feature.

The Dashboard is valuable as a great overview of actions taken by the team. It can also be very beneficial to Agents and Management to provide a timeline of actions for particular Agents, Groups, Requests, and Companies. As such, providing the ability to filter the Dashboard by actions for specific Agent, Group, Requester, and Company would be a great way to view the timeline of actions in specific scenarios.

Merging similar topics. Customizable Agent Dashboard is in development. More info on this here: