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Freshservice Service Catalog / Service Category

Freshservice advertises itself tobe able to handle multi-branding, but their service catalog doesn't really support that. It would be nice to be able to have a subcategory in the service catalog. For example: 






   Ergo Request


   Name change


Currently theres no way to nicely organize it, it's all mixed into one thing. It would also be nice to be able to have the main landing page of service category show less stuff. Right now it just shows everything available which looks super messy. 

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+1 to the first point, and re: the second point -- might be beneficial to either have a "featured" flag available, or to display the most popular requested items. 

I too would also like to have this organization in the Service Catalog.

Also, it would be beneficial to have the ability to place the Items in the service Catalog where you want.

We would like our most popular at the top (Account Request), our workaround is to put a number in front.

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