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Ticket Scope Per Department

It would be useful to be able to do the following:

  • Team members can have "group" level scope, for groups they are within. 
  • Managers can have "department" level scope, for departments they head up / manage (and all the associated agent groups within). 

For example, we have a department that has maybe 10 individual agent groups and around 3-4 managers that would benefit from being able to see across all of these groups, at the moment we add them to all of the groups to achieve this but really what we're trying to achieve is allowing department level access. 

The impact of this is:

- automated email notifications and workflows that are set at group level need to be removed and customised heavily, as these 3-4 managers do not need to be notified of every single ticket joining all groups, they just want passive access, so every notification must be built to exclude them. This is (as you can imagine) quite prone to mistakes and is very manual/time consuming. 

- Round robin can't be used as it would be inappropriate to have tickets auto-assigned to groups

- Managers can't have Global ticket access as it would give them access to requests in other departments. 

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